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Our 5G Future

A new chapter in the evolution of high speed wireless networks has arrived with the introduction of 5G technology. This innovation is expected to dramatically improve the way we communicate with connections at least 40 times faster and four times greater capacity than 4G LTE.

5G is a platform for innovations that will not only enhance today’s mobile broadband services but will also expand mobile networks to support a vast diversity of devices and services, and connect new industries with improved performance and efficiency.

5G is expected to usher in the next digital revolution by enabling various Internet of Things (IoT) applications, including smart traffic solutions, precision agriculture, remote surgery and improved patient monitoring, collision avoidance technology, advanced industrial automation and enhanced public safety capabilities.

In June 2021, the Pennsylvania State Legislature enacted House Bill 1621 – the Small Wireless Facilities Deployment Act. With the passage of the bill, Pennsylvania joined more than 30 other states to establish a uniform framework for the deployment of small cell nodes, the infrastructure backbone of 5G technology.

Today, Pennsylvania is better positioned to compete for private investment dollars that will be used to improve connectivity and provide consumers with access to 5G technology and all of the innovation it is expected to generate.

The Evolution of Mobile Connectivity

Communication has drastically changed over the past decade. With more mobile devices in the U.S. today than there are people, traffic on our networks and the demand for mobile data continues to grow exponentially.

While the innovative potential of 5G is just now starting to be understood, let’s remember how the emergence of 4G enriched our communities, households and businesses. Today, we order food, secure transportation, visit the doctor, and stream movies all from our wireless devices. A 5G future is expected to be even more transformative.

Many of us rely on access to mobile data which has become critical to our daily lives, enabling “business on the go” and powering “smart homes” with “smart devices,” like Nest Thermostats and digital assistants such as Amazon Echo or GoogleHome.

Economic Benefits of 5G

Maintaining world-class communications infrastructure is a requirement for success in a rapidly changing global economy. Similar to railroads, highways and airports generations ago, cutting-edge communications infrastructure is what modern communities and countries need to stay competitive today and in the future.

Small cell and fiber technology is the foundational infrastructure of the next generation of wireless connectivity. Today’s businesses increasingly rely
on wireless connectivity to stay competitive. Small cell and fiber technology will enable the connectivity that is essential to providing our businesses with the access they need—whether it’s accepting payments on a mobile card reader, completing a sale on the go, or reaching consumers.

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8.5 Million New Jobs

According to research from Boston Consulting Group, in collaboration with CTIA, 5G deployment will contribute 1.7 trillion to U.S. GDP and approximately 8.5 million jobs will be created between 2019-2025 as a result of 5G.

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30.9 Billion Devices Connected by 2025

Wireless carriers are expected to invest upwards of $275 billion in private capital to in order to build a nationwide 5G network.

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$900B in Gross Domestic Product

Furthermore, it’s anticipated that more than 20,000 technicians will be needed to deploy as many as 800,000 small cell nodes across
the country.

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