About Us

Educating Pennsylvania About the Future of 5G Connectivity

The PA Partnership for 5G aims to educate different sectors about 5G technology and the infrastructure it requires. The PA Partnership brings together various leaders from a diverse set of industries and constituencies to help forge a technologically progressive Pennsylvania.

The Transformative Possibilities of 5G

Technology continues to evolve and impact the way we live, work, recreate and educate. Autonomous vehicles, robotic and drone delivery services, telehealth services, online learning tools, Smart City applications, and public safety networks all stand to benefit from 5G technology.

Moreover, infrastructure providers, local governments, businesses, technology companies, developers, and consumers will play a pivotal role in driving the demand for 5G technology, infrastructure and investment. It’s why the PA Partnership for 5G was formed, and it’s why our membership reflects a diverse cross-section of sectors and industry.

The PA Partnership remains committed to driving the conversation around Pennsylvania’s connectivity needs, obstacles and opportunities.


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