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The U.S., China And Others Race To Develop 5G Mobile Networks

The race has well and truly begun. China, the United States, South Korea and a handful of telecommunications companies are rolling up their sleeves to develop, test and deploy the technology that will drive the world’s economy in the decade to come: 5G mobile communications networks. With 5G representing a great leap forward over its relatively pedestrian predecessors, countries and companies with ambitions in the field are well aware of the need to stay ahead of the pack for what is certain to be a strategic resource. And few countries have been as bullish on pursuing 5G as China – an ambition that has stoked more than a few fears in Washington.

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What is 5G? The next wireless revolution explained

As smartphones and other digital devices get smarter and more numerous — and as the applications they run generate ever more data — the wireless network that connects them must change to keep pace. That’s why telecommunications giants like Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint are racing to roll out the fifth generation of wireless network technology.